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Olivehouse - Justin Westwood Photography


Greendale Grove Olive Shop is a family owned and operated business located on our 50 acre Olive Grove in the heart of the Goulburn Valley. We sell our estate-grown extra virgin olive oil and olives including a range of infused olive oils and gourmet produce all made onsite. 

Browse our extensive range of unique and all natural olive based body products, homewares, giftware and regional gourmet foods available for purchase.

View how our olives are harvested, talk with us the owners and producers about our olive oil and products and taste our delicious produce! 

Our shop is not open for set hours, for this reason if you are making a special trip please call
03 5823 2785 for opening hours.



Greendale Grove was established at Kialla West in 2001 by the Henry Family - Rod, Ann and Jacqui who had already had experience with olive groves, planting a grove at Shepparton East with 3500 olive trees. 

The Kialla West property had 2000 existing olive trees when the property was first purchased, featuring the varieties – Kalamata, Manzanillo, Verdale, Frantoio and Nevadillo.

Their vision was to develop a sales complex selling estate grown extra virgin olive oil, table olives and gourmet produce made on the premises as well as selling olive oil based body products and all things olive! 

Another 1200 olive trees were planted in 2002 to surround the complex and The Olivehouse - giving it a lovely Mediterranean feel. The olive shop, restaurant and function venue was opened in November 2003.

Rob Crifo (Jacqui's partner and chef) joined the team and family in 2005. Rob and Rod are the dynamic duo that manage and meticulously care for the 50 acre Olive Grove, including harvesting, pruning, watering and all those many day to day jobs. 

20 years on Olivehouse @ Greendale Grove has gone from strength to strength. It has gone through many changes, improvements and updates.

Jacqui and Rob own and operate Olivehouse and Greendale Grove Olive Shop. They are hands on in every aspect of operations - from face to face sales in the Olive Shop to harvesting the olives sold in their products. 

Rob is the creator of all Greendale Grove marinated olives and infused olive oils - Red Pepper & Balsamic Infused Olive Oil, Chilli Infused Olive Oil, Basil Infused Olive Oil and Lemon Infused Olive Oil as well as his long time favorites - Red Onion Chilli Jam, Redgum Honey Mustard Seed Dressing and Sweet Balsamic Reduction.

Olivehouse @ Greendale Grove is the essence of hard work, passion for what you do and a desire for outstanding quality



Olivehouse @ Greendale Grove (Rod Henry)
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