Greendale Grove Olive Shop features gourmet foods made by our chefs from our own estate-grown olive oil and olives.

Browse our range of unique olive body products and beautiful gift hampers available for purchase.

Our shop is not open for set hours, for this reason if you are making a special trip please call 03 5823 2785 for opening hours.


Greendale Grove was established at Kialla West in 2001 by Rodney and Ann Henry who had already had experience with olive groves, planting a Grove at Shepparton East with 3500 Olive Trees. 



The Kialla West property had 2000 existing Olive Trees when we purchased the property, featuring the varieties – Kalamata, Manzanillo, Verdale, Frantoio and Nevadillo.

Our vision was to develop a sales complex selling Estate Grown Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Table Olives and produce made on the premises as well as locally grown wines and produce. We planted another 1200 Olive trees to surround the complex and The Olivehouse, giving it a lovely Tuscan feel. The shop, restaurant and function centre was opened in November 2003.

At harvest time the public can come and pick olives for themselves to take home, using their own methods of curing and marinating. Our Olive Oil and Table Olives grown at Greendale Grove are sold to restaurants, but most of the oil is sold to families locally and sent to customers around Australia.


The olive trees flower in November and then start producing olives. The Green Table Olives are usually picked around March – April and the Black Olives late April to May. Table Olives are hand picked so as not to bruise the fruit, put into barrels of fresh tank water and changed daily to clean and remove some of the bitterness. This process continues for 5 days. 

The olives are then put in a solution of brine consisting of 10% salt to water, and left in the brine for a number of months until all the bitterness has gone.


We mechanically harvest our olives in May - June for oil.  Our olives are processed within hours of harvest creating exceptional Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  We then store our Extra Virgin Olive Oil in stainless steel tanks ready for bottling.